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Melanie and her loving husband raise 4 beautiful kids in their Southern California home while maintaining a successful home based business. Her desire to create has put Melanie on a journey to apply that passion to something that would specifically help others. This journey started with being the founder of “YesLabs 101” – a Facebook community that has been sharing delicious YES shake recipes, desserts. She has been fortunate to come in contact with literally hundreds, if not thousands of people who have been on the Yoli Better Body Systems. As time progressed, she noticed the growing requests for ways to introduce delicious variety into their 30-day meal regiment. Realizing that many people found it difficult to stick with the program and contemplated quitting based on their bland choice of meals she got to work. Over the course of 6 months, Melanie has compiled and created a collection of delicious meal recipes that will help make your Yoli transformation journey that much more enjoyable and delicious.  Best of all, everything you’ll find in this book is “BBS-approved”.  Losing weight, and getting healthy doesn’t mean you need to just eat boring or bland foods! 

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Helpful ways to navigate a new recipe


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